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Asphalt (Bitumen)

Asphalt applications tend to fall into four categories: Production (refining), Distribution (terminals), Hot Mix (paving mixtures), and Roofing (filled asphalts).

Refineries and Terminals often use steel pumps in the Universal Seal series, including the XPD 676 Series pumps conforming to the API 676 design standard.

Terminals and Hot Mix Asphalt Plants use mainly cast iron pumps in the Jacketed Universal Seal Series or Jacketed General Purpose Asphalt Pump series, with either packing or mechanical seals.  The Electrically-Heated Asphalt Pump Series simplifies the process of providing heat to the pump for remote locations or where a different temperature is required, such as emulsions.

Viking pumps regularly handle rubberized asphalt (polymer modified asphalt or PMA) made from both virgin polymer and recycled tires.

Roofing plants are generally pumping highly abrasive, filled asphalts for shingle manufacturing. These require special hardened parts, slower operating speeds and other means of minimizing wear. The Universal Seal series with optional hard components are commonly used.

Miscellaneous Other Viking Pump applications for asphalt include:

  • Distributor Trucks to spread asphalt emulsions for seal coating and chip sealing applications
  • Pipe Lining, where liquid asphalt is used to line sewer pipe in-plant and in-place
  • Tar Kettles, or portable heat-and-spray units, for on-site roofing build-up, foundation sealing and crack filling
  • Asphaltic insulation in automotive and appliance manufacturing for sound deadening

For more information on Viking pumps for the Asphalt Industry see our Asphalt brochure or our Application Data Sheet (AD-7)