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Viking positive displacement pumping solutions are used extensively in the Biodiesel industry for raw materials, processing, transfer, and terminals. Viking pumps can be utilized for Biodiesel produced from vegetable oils, waste fryer oil, animal fats, or other sources.

The Universal Seal series is ideal for bulk transfer or rail / tanker loading and unloading. They may be used for feedstock or finished B100 biodiesel and glycerine.

The Universal Seal series, LVP Series, and Mag Drive pumps are used for process applications, handling liquids such as methanol, caustic, sodium methoxide, and FAME (fatty acid methyl ester). Typically these pumps are 316SS, though some applications will allow for cast iron.

For sulfuric acid handling, Viking recommends the CMD Composite Mag Drive series.

For more information on Viking pumps for the Biodiesel Industry see our Biofuels brochure.

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