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Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps and Accessories

Our pumps are defined as positive displacement pumps that displace a fixed quantity of liquid with each revolution of the pump by moving liquid between the pump elements and a stationary casing.  Since 1911, Viking Pump has been the leading innovator and solutions provider for positive displacement pump applications around the world.

The Internal Gear Pump was invented by Viking Pump’s founder, Jens Nielsen, in 1904. It is used in manufacturing most of the materials used in the products that we all touch every day. Learn_More
The External Gear Pump, with spur, helical or herringbone gears, offers higher pressures and unique abilities to supply multi-section specialty pumps with one driver. Learn_More
The Rotary Vane Pump offers the ability to handle thin liquids at high pressures in stainless steel materials, by reducing the clearances that gear pumps need to prevent pick-up. Learn_More
Accessories can be installed on your complete pump unit by Viking Pump or your distributor, or purchased separately. Learn_More