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Eaton Strainers

Eaton’s Manual Strainers are used by industrial and commercial customers to protect their process piping equipment by removing debris from the liquid that flows through pipelines. Products offered by Viking Pump include duplex basket strainers and Y strainers, in sizes from ¼” to 8”.

Eaton Model 85 Y Strainer
Y strainers use a perforated or wire mesh straining element to remove solids from liquid, gas or steam lines. Learn_More
Eaton Model 53BTX Duplex Strainer
The 53BTX Duplex Strainer (3/4" to 4") features a dynamic sealing system that ensures exceptionally long seat life and positive sealing. Learn_More
Eaton Model 50 Duplex Strainer
The Eaton Model 50 plug-type (5", 6", 8") duplex strainer’s design is simple and economical. It can operate continuously and never has to be shut down for cleaning. Learn_More